EDI Insight (Clearinghouse)

Nothing can eat up a practice manager’s day like having to chase down claims lost in the maze of electronic billing and payer procedures. Practice Insight’s flagship product, EDIinsight, offers physician practices a flashlight in the maze and tools that help you reduce rejections, speed payments, and increase total reimbursements.

Manage your complete revenue cycle in one place—in EDIinsight, everything is connected.

Get real-time claim statuses instantly—just click on a claim to see its complete history and current status.

Catch errors before they go out with integrated claim scrubbing, including custom edits you can easily create yourself.

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EDI Insight Product Benefits

Claim Manager

The heart of EDIinsight is its ability to manage claims for fewer errors, easier tracking, and faster payments. Far more than just a clearinghouse, EDIinsight offers unmatched claim scrubbing, claim status tracking, and numerous tools to help practices manage their complete revenue cycle.

Workflow Manager

Workflow ManagerTask Manager provides more than a list of tasks to accomplish or denials to appeal. It can be configured to create tasks in any area of EDIinsight. It updates automatically as tasks are finished, displaying a “dashboard” report that summarizes claim volume and current statuses.

ERA Denial Manager

Using the ERA Denial Manager, you can quickly see what has been paid and denied on a transaction-by-transaction level, on a single screen. You can view transactions denied for a specific group or reason code, print an EOB for a specific claim, assign denials to staff for follow-up, and view the payment detail and allowed amount for a billed charge.

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