Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical Practice Edition helps clinicians – including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers – efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record. Designed for small practices with 24 physicians or less, it helps practices:

Improve documentation.
Eliminate transcription costs.
Increase physician satisfaction.
Women doctor looking at an electronic device

Dragon Medical Product Benefits

Improve Care Efficiency

Improve Care Efficiency. Offers virtually instant response time, saving clinicians valuable minutes in their day – no more waiting for transcribed reports or needing to type into their EHRs.

Spend More Time with Patients

Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, which lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Increase Reimbursement

A major study by a physician practice in the Northeast determined that using Dragon Medical with an EHR increases per-physician reimbursement by $10,000 per year per physician.
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