Aprima Medical Software

Aprima Medical Software is a set of health IT products that includes EHR, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management. The product is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and the system is suitable for any sized practice.

The EHR software emphasizes speed and ease of use, allowing healthcare providers to input patient data quickly and accurately. Aprima EHR is a single application built on a single database and can be fully integrated with Aprima’s practice management software to further increase the speed of use.

Women doctor looking at an electronic device

Aprima Benefits

Improved Quality of Care

  • Health Maintenance tracking provides timely follow up
  • Electronic Orders and Results help ensure nothing is missed
  • eRX and Drug Interaction help avoid negative interactions

Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Tools such as data trending improve patient understanding and satisfaction
  • Better access to chart data and test results helps improve communication
  • Patient Portal offers patients convenient access to their medical information

Improved Quality of Life

  • Improved workflow and efficiency reduce your daily stress
  • More efficient charting creates more time for your patients and your family
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access gives you the flexibility to leave the clinic but stay connected and productive

Improved Bottom Line

  • More accurate coding, reduced rejections, and better billing and collections lead to higher reimbursements
  • Reduced expenses generate higher net profits
  • Many providers choose to see more patients with the time saved each day

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