Healthcare Practice Assessment

Med-Stratigies can provide your organization with a complementary practice assessment. Our Assessment is designed to measure your practice’s potential, identify opportunities for growth and operational improvement, and provide you with a measure of the overall operational value of your practice.

The assessment is a detailed analysis of all of your medical practice’s business functions including: accounts receivable, coding and documentation, human resources, information systems, patient satisfaction, quality of care, reimbursement systems, and compliance controls.

Patient Experience

Med-Strategies will investigate the overall satisfaction of your practice’s patient experience. Receiving feedback from your patient population will ensure that you have created the best experience possible.

Compliance & Billing Analysis

Med-Strategies will evaluate your documentation and billing to determine if compliance and best billing practices are being met. This ensures that your claims are coded and billed appropriately.

Process & Financial Analysis

We analyze operational and financial process to create transparency and identify areas in which productivity can be enhanced. Our custom built reports aid in making the right decisions for your practice.

Information Technology Analysis

We evaluate your current IT infrastructure and overall health of the technology systems currently in place within the practice. Our support staff will be able to recommend improvements that will increase productivity of your staff.

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